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As a Intuitive Business & Success Coach, International Author, Speaker, Radio Host and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Iona is now on a mission to help 144,000 soul-centred entrepreneurs & leaders create impact using her proven 3 step 'AAAligned Success Strategy' and by the year 2022. She is currently based in the UK, and has been traveling the world speaking, coaching, and helping purpose driven women and men to overcome self doubt, and live their lives of joy, personal freedom and fulfilment; creating soulfully aligned success in all areas of their lives, so that they can change this planet. 

Iona is known for creating rapid personal and business growth for both her clients and herself, and in the past 20 years she has:

  • Helped more than 1000's men & women around the world create aligned success living their purpose
  • Taken her coaching business location independent
  • Traveled the world to places like Hawaii, Sydney, Nepal, LA, Vancouver and London
  • Flew in a microlight plane across the Himalayas
  • Landed her dream book deal with That Guys House (an independent wellbeing publisher for mind, body & spirit)
  • Been featured in the covers of magazines, and in numerous online and print articles
  • Spoken on stages around the world 
  • Collaborated with leaders and highly influential, successful soul-centred entrepreneurs

Iona’s first book, Making Waves, “A Really Beautiful Book. A Simple and Wise, Practical Guide To Feeling More at Peace and Living a Life of Greater Happiness and Fulfilment", published with That Guys House and is available for order now at AMAZON

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